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  • Face Filter Studios

  • P5.js

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Pure Data

Tidbits I made from exploring different tools I'm interested in.

  • Cinema4D

  • TouchDesigner

  • Blender

  • New Materials

Dances in C4D.


Audio input on a point-cloud 3d scan of my head.


Painting with the audio spectrum.

P5.js Sketches on a Rasperry Pi with tiny screen.

Face Filters with Snapchat and Facebook's prototyping tools.

Responsive Ambient Music

Hooking up Spire's breathing sensor to PureData, I created music that used the real-time input of the breath to invoke a sense of calm and meditation based on the general concept below.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.12.33 PM.png

(Click video below to listen)

Shape Memory Alloy

During my thesis project, I reflected the breath in real-time in a physical object. Passing current through the SMA created a subtle and silent, lifelike movement.

Heartbeat Pillow

What if our surroundings reflected our biological signals?

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