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Sleep Therapy App

With sleep tracking gaining huge popularity, health tracking presents exciting new opportunities for aiding in its implementation.


Many who struggle with sleep habits do not have enough knowledge or incentive to make improvements.


Target Audience

Those suffering from sleep issues who avoid sleep clinics and therapy

My Role


UX/UI Design

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Bill, 54 “My problem of staying asleep during the night has come back since my promotion. I now also have difficulty falling asleep.”

Bedtime Routine:

Runs after work, has dinner, continues to work at home until 11PM


Sleep Challenges:

-Exhausted, but still can take hours falling asleep

-Awakens multiple times during the night

Products that may help:

CBTi, Sleep Clinic, Sleep Cycle App, Fitbit, Sleep With Me Podcast

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Sleep tracking has become very popular, but none provide proper analysis nor actions toward improvement. CBTi is a validated method for improving poor sleep habits but requires manual input and time commitment.

Market Analysis: CBTi vs Sleep Tracking
CBTi Features                    = our app can help accomplish.

Sleep Restriction

Training to optimize time asleep vs time in bed. Consists of calculating time user sleeps each night and restricting their time in bed to that number. Evaluated each week and increased steadily as sleep efficiency increases.


Stimulus Control

Training the users mind to perceive their bed as a stimulus for only sleep and sex. Consists of keeping away from the bedroom until they are ready to fall asleep and getting out of bed if they are having trouble sleeping.


Sleep Hygiene

Involves changing lifestyle habits that can prevent healthy sleep such as napping during the afternoon, smoking, and not exercising.


Improving Sleep Environment

Keeping bedroom quiet, dark and cool, hiding the clock from view, etc.


Relaxation Training

Calming the mind. There are many approaches including meditation, muscle relaxation, biofeedback, guided imagery.

Interaction: Bedtime Guide

Engaging exercises can be applied to CBTi lessons such as Sleep Hygiene to get the user more aware of their sleeping environment and Stimulus Control to keep the user away from the bed until they are tired.

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CBTi Timeline

Taking several CBTi programs, it was found they follow the same structure and many elements would be enhanced by our product.

Home Screen
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Automatic Sleep Diary

Easily track your sleep each day to build up your sleep report.

Sleep Report

View a full analysis and recommended therapy after completing the first week.

Lesson 1

Learn CBTi techniques through interactive animations each night.

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