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Working with the company behind the world’s first voice-controlled enterprise wearable, I led several projects including development of a new docking module, finding root causes for button failures, and developing future concepts.

Who I worked with

Electrical Engineer

Vice President

My Role

Industrial Design


Material Selection


UX On-boarding

What is Theatro?

Theatro's SaaS mobile IoT solution gives retail space employees the ability to call individuals, send and leave messages, and use existing enterprise apps.


Container Store

Neiman Marcus


Manager Box

With a need for managers to use the device from behind their desk, I was to design an adaptation to give the device speakerphone capability, avoiding the need for a headset. Each electronic component had to be precisely fitted into the housing.

CII Solutions

Working under an Electrical Engineer, my expertise in 3D modeling proved very beneficial in developing solutions to issues current devices faced from wear and tear. I quickly learned the importance of tolerances when injection molding and preposed solutions to keep buttons working after heavy usage.

CIII: Conceptualizing

Interviewing employees from various popular retail companies showed the most potential in focusing on aiding mid-level clothing stores in raising their service to haute couture levels.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 7.57.21 PM.png

Combining the button and headpiece eliminates cord tangle and allows for a form that is easy to use.

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